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Love Apps is made up of a 4 co-owner team with exceptional professional skills, but we recognize in order to move from startup to a real player we need the help of up and coming individuals willing to give a portion of their time for minimal pay or future profit share. Your time is important to us and we won’t waste it. We currently have a team of 15 talented members, all with different duties & time commitments: From students to professionals in the industry looking for a side project. No matter where you are located geographically we’ll find a way and a time to get in touch. Some of our members get paid, some work for internship credits, and some see the possibility of future profit and work for a project percentage. Contact Us now and lets get started…

Custom Coding


Currently we program Apple & Android apps, with Windows on the backburner. If you have any experience at all, let’s see if we’ve got a spot for you. 



Create 2D concepts, 3D environments, textures, models, technical art and animation



Our audio and sound fx department utilizes mostly freeware songs and fx then edited with Audacity before production. Producing and mixing capabilities are available with FL Studio & Virtual DJ but generally do not fit into our game genre. Therefore if you make midi style music and fx that sound great in games, you’ll fit in easily. Or if time is not on your side, feel free to solicit us for sales of your collection.



What are your skills? Sales, Management, Marketing, Advertising, Networking, Administration, Social Media, or all of the above? We’re going to have a strong push here shortly as we ramp up development, and we’d definitely like to hear your strengths.


Quality Assurance

Is QA your thing? Overseeing technical and design documents? Fixing bugs? Testing our apps? Give us a call and see how we can fit you in.



I’m not going to lie, we don’t make a lot of money yet, but we still have profit, expenses and taxes, just like any LLC. I think this is the perfect opportunity for anyone going to school for accounting, finance, or business. As we grow, so will your skills, with great real world application, and we’ll work with your school to get you internship credit.

Interested in joining our team?

We currently have members, owners, and employees in IL, WA, IN, MA & Serbia. If you’re a student just getting into the industry we will contact your school and work on getting you internship credit.
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