What does a project manager do

“What does a project manager do anyway?”  

“How do you manage something that doesn’t exist?”

What do I do as a project manager?  Great question.  Communication is the answer.  Without communication you have nothing.  My job is to help everyone involved in a project be engaged. This is not always as easy, as it may sound.  Life Happens as the T-Shirts say.  How do you make that Work, Life, Balance thing work…and how come work is first?!?

I think Balance is the bubble in the communication level.  Your Work, Life, Balance (aka communication) at home and with your team at work. Things can quickly swing in one direction if the bubble, is tilled a little too far one way.

Understand that we are all on this ship together.  Therefore we sink or swim together also.

Sometimes people need a change in the communication process.  Try to find a 3rd alternative with the people you are working with to provide the best result.  This also helps with the people who like to rock the boat, just to see if they get sea sick.

Most important everyone needs to know the direction you want the ship to sail.  Find a new way to talk to the people you find most difficult.  Give them clear direction and a voice to yell, if they see danger.

Value your team, they are on the ground level fighting all the battles.  Pick up a sword once in awhile and show your team you know how to fight too.

Please email me with questions, comments, or concerns.  I value everyone’s feedback, as we all learn together.

With love and respect,
Brian Wilkins

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