Us Like All - Project Information

Us Like All is an upstart company selling originally designed trendy t-shirts for an eclectic crowd, while donating a portion of the proceeds to charity. Check Them Out! They needed a logo to embody their mantra, graphic design for social media and a website with a shopping cart to promote and sell their shirts. Love Apps was able to help out with all three.

ClientUs Like All
SkillsWebsite w/Shopping Cart, Logo & Graphic Design & Social Media, Business Cards

Us Like All Business Cards

Every company needs business cards, even if your company is just you. We’ll work with your vision to establish a custom business card that prospects remember. We have relationships with expert printing companies to get you the colors, style, design, and paper that will set you apart.

Us Like All Logo Design

You’re logo is often the first thing potential clients see when experiencing your company, let’s make sure they remember it. Love Apps designs original logos for original companies like yours, but for a fraction of the price of those larger firms, but with all the same quality. Your logo will be created with multiple mediums in mind; whether on your website, business card, print, shirts, social, or whatever we’ll make slight adjustments for that perfect fit. We specialize in sole proprietorship, small businesses, and business rebranding.

Us Like All Website

When your website is your storefront, everything is important. From the colors, navigation, and layout, one wrong step can cause clients to click away or get frustrated and not complete the purchase. Love Apps created Us Like All a custom website with Shopping Cart integration to help convert their visitors. We also took into account their customers privacy and made sure all transactions would be safe. If you’re looking to sell something online, Love Apps can make it happen.