Standard Solitaire

It’s Solitaire as you’ve grown to love, but with new intriguing artwork, unlockable content, and leaderboards.

So, out of all the solitaire games on the app store, you found this one. Well let me just say…..Wow! Do you know how many solitaire apps there are?! Like a bajillion! So what was it? The name? I bet it was the Icon. You know what, not important. You’re looking for a great solitaire game and that’s exactly what you get with Standard Solitaire.

– Classic and simple gameplay.
– Unique and appealing cards and boards.
– Fun and goofy victory animations.
– Global leaderboards to see how your solitaire skills stack up.
– New boards and cards added regularly.

Give Standard Solitaire a try and see why it sets the standard in……..well, you get the idea, just download it.

It’s the Klondike version of solitiare that we’re all used to, but with some nifty themed boards and music. Play with a 1 or 3 card deal, & kill some time. Achieve points for completing games and with a fully integrated Apple, & Google leaderboards you’ll spend hours trying to beat your Circle & the rest of the World.

ApplicationStandard Solitaire
SkillsProgramming, Design, Artwork, Gameplay, In App Purchasing
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