Northern Media Inc

Northern Media Inc. is a premier consulting company focused on creating and implementing marketing strategies across multiple platforms. They work with agencies and companies to meet branding, advertising, and other marketing needs. They handle projects, campaigns, events—you name it. Love Apps has had the pleasure working side by side with Northern Media to create, design, and provide many print and web ready assets for bars, liquor stores, concerts, sporting events, and advertisement.

ClientNorthern Media Inc
SkillsPromotional Mock-Ups, Art Layout, Featured Design, 3D Modeling

Print Design & Mockups

Before you professionally print or spend big bucks on a full-size design make sure it’ll look just as it does in your mind. We’re experts at promotional mock-ups, art layout, featured design, & 3D modeling. Just a few hundred dollars now can save you and your business thousands in the future and spare those embarrassing moments where your concept doesn’t translate 100% to the real-world. Present your products to investors and clients utilizing Love Apps full team of designers, artists, and 3D modelers. With Northern Media, Love Apps has designed many mockups and print ready files that have been displayed at bars, liquor stores and sporting events around the country.

3D Modeling

We’ll take your idea and turn it into a 3d concept that you can show to your clients, design team, or printers before investing in a complete build. We have multiple experienced and certified 3d graphic artists on our team ready to handle each of your unique projects. The Heineken model above was used by Northern Media and their clients at O’Hare airport for a cool and unique Heineken experience. Check it out in Concourse B through August 2017.

Public Display & Advertisement

If you’ve ridden public transportation in Chicago you’ve probably seen our ads for one of the biggest music festivals in the city, Riot Fest. Working hand in hand with Northern Media we’ve designed multiple media pieces for multiple platforms. This one in particular is for the el train, seen by millions of eyes. Working in tandem with Northern Media we can mock up, design, print, and display your ad where your consumers will see it.

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