Basic Bingo

If you’re looking for a pure and simple bingo game to enjoy during your downtime, you’ll love Basic Bingo 2. With it, we wanted to put the focus on the fun of playing bingo and winning prizes. So in Basic Bingo 2 you’ll find a fresh yet classic look, simple and straightforward gameplay, lots of prizes to win and collect (including different background boards and card designs to swap between), and a fun multiplayer experience for when beating the computer just doesn’t cut it. Download it now and have fun during your downtime!

– Unlock new background boards and bingo card designs
– Fun and quirky prizes to win and collect
– Multiplayer
– Regular updates with new prizes, backgrounds, card designs, and more

ApplicationBasic Bingo
SkillsProgramming, Design, Multiplayer, In App Purchases


Bingo just like you remembered, no frills, just fun. Win horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and four corners. Play against the computer and brag to your friends on our worldwide leaderboard.


That rush you get calling out BINGO still exists here. We make sure you know you won, and you’ll want to win again. Increase your enjoyment with 8 different audio tracks to choose from on the fly.


Play and earn prizes. From different background, bingo boards, to just fun little knick knacks and doo dads. It really keeps you coming back for more.


Love playing Bingo with your friends? You can with Basic Bingo. Just click play online and get paired up for a one on one game vs your friends or random opponents from around the world.

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