Dealing With Client Feedback

“I love it!”  “I hate it”

What do you do when you deliver a project and you hear “I love it!”  What about the dreaded “I hate it!”  How do you deal with both?

Sometimes it’s a slippery slope, to deal with both of these reactions.  Get too comfortable with your positive results, and you have the chance to get cocky.  Hear “hate it” and it could be a moral killer.

What do you do to keep reactions of you and your staff neutral?  Talk about it.  Make sure that all the issues of “Love it” and “Hate it” are discussed.  If you can figure out what you did right or wrong right away, you can relay that message to your staff or clients.

“I Love it”  It is really easy to say great and move on to the next project.  The smart thing to do however is ask what they love about it.  Just so you have some insight into what they like for the next project.  Knowing the tastes and likes of your client is more important than almost everything.  If you get them they won’t go anywhere else.

“Hate it” Most of the time when people hear this they panic.  Wrong thing to do.  Don’t panic anything can be fixed.  Work on your communication strategy with your client, good chance that something was lost in translation if you don’t hit the mark.  Just grab a few more arrows and ask the client exactly what target they want you to hit.  Best case scenario it’s a simple fix.  Worst case scenario it’s a learning experience; and sometimes they cost money.  It’s the cost of doing business some say.  Don’t get upset, make the best of it, fix it and move on.

With love and respect,
Brian Wilkins

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