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Love Apps Was Born

Love Apps, LLC was founded in 2013 under unique circumstances, with the goal to capitalize on the ever adapting application market by providing users with simple & enjoyable games for any age and skill level. We Love our Apps, and Love our Charities. 10% of all profits are donated to charity before any of our members ever see a dime, hence the hearts, love, and name.

Headquartered in Chicago, IL with owners, employees, and volunteers in four states and two countries, Love Apps utilizes today’s modern collaboration techniques to take advantage of ever growing industry talent to expand and build the organization.

By harnessing the secret & mystical powers of agave, Love Apps is able to devise games that you’ll love but won’t have to spend time learning. Our apps will run on the most basic of smart phones, won’t crash, and won’t cramp your gameplay with endless widgets and erroneous objectives. 

Apple, Android, Web

App Creation

Our team works hard for you, creating an application that you will Love. We walk you through the process step by step. Love Apps takes the hassle out of the creative tasks needed to create your vision. We provide a storyboarded plan for you follow along with, during the project. We adapt to any team environment, Large or Small applications. Great at providing creative alternatives for challenging problems. Taking good ideas and making them visual is our specialty. We create your digital vision.

How we can help you

For Personal Use

Looking to create that app or game you know is a good idea?!?  We can help. Let’s us help you figure out what you can get done for the small or large budget you have. We look at what is best road to take with the branding budget for your project. How long will it take?  How big is your project?  Every project takes time. Most projects take 3 to 6 months from start to finish.  Smaller projects take much less time. We are the Dream Team you need to finish that App, you always wanted to make.

On Your Schedule

For Businesses

Have a business that needs a creative team but don’t have the payroll for it. We can help.  We can assist your company with any creative needs that it may need. Re-Branding, Logos, Websites, Social Media Sites and so on. Together we will create a plan that stays within your price range. Starting a new business and need help with the sales materials? We can create the prototype you need to sell your idea to investors.

No Cost for Consultation

Where Do I Start?

Are you lost?  That’s ok.  We have a flashlight and a compass. Let us walk you through anything creative. Do you know what you want, but can’t figure out how to make it? Let Love Apps give you a hand. We deal in project prices, so we get it done, for the cost we agree upon.

We make what you know exciting again

Our Apps

This is our true Love.  We Love Apps!  We create fun easy to use apps that are E for Everyone. Check out our current game catalog…


Chief Creative Officer

Digital artist, animator and UI/UX designer. Creating apps and games for mobile, web, PC and VR platforms.


Owner & CEO

GM, Talent Acquistion, Game Design, Structure & Content, Social Media & Customers



Administrative, Finance, Music, Sound FX, Content, Game Design & Structure, Website



Business Development, Marketing, Research, Sales & Creative Content

Original Design

Brand Packaging

Cost Efficient web & logo design services for the Chicagoland, Midwest, and US. Contact us today for a professional analysis.

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