May 23, 2017
“I love it!”  “I hate it” What do you do when you deliver a project and you hear “I love it!”  What about the dreaded “I hate it!”  How do you deal with both? Sometimes it’s a slippery slope, to deal with both of these reactions.  Get too comfortable with your positive results, and you...
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“We are almost done.”  “Are we done yet?” Have you heard these things before?  “We are almost done.” “Are we done yet?”  The creative team and the client always say the same things.  How do we evaluate “We are almost done”? This is tough to do when the Client is asking “Are we done yet”…....
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“Who is this guy”  “What’s a Love Apps?” Hi my name is Brian Wilkins CEO of Love Apps.  I started this company with 4 partners over 5 years ago. These people have helped guide me through, this crazy start-up process.  I now work with over 30 creative subcontractors, and currently working on 27 active projects....
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“What does a project manager do anyway?”   “How do you manage something that doesn’t exist?” What do I do as a project manager?  Great question.  Communication is the answer.  Without communication you have nothing.  My job is to help everyone involved in a project be engaged. This is not always as easy, as it...
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About Love Apps

Headquartered in Chicago, IL with owners, employees, and volunteers in four states and two countries, Love Apps utilizes today’s modern collaboration techniques to take advantage of ever growing industry talent to expand and build the organization.

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